The Fickle Sentinel

Greetings, readers of the Internet!

You have stumbled upon the website of The Fickle Sentinel, the online persona of a real-life person who just happens to be an aspiring novelist. (Okay, so "stumbled" may not be the most accurate term for what happened here. It's more like I saw you passing by en route to something more deserving of your attention, tripped you, knocked you unconscious, tied you up in my basement, pried your eyelids open with duct tape, and am now forcing you to read my random musings on insignificant topics. So what? Same diff.)

In what spare time I am able to scavenge from my busy schedule of aspiring to do things, I like to play games. All kinds of games--board, card, video... well, mostly just those three kinds. Sometimes I also like to write about the games I play, though "like" in this usage is a euphemism for a sentiment that has little to do with personal fondness. While I genuinely enjoy playing games, it is more an obsessive compulsion that motivates me to write about them--the way that an insane person feels compelled to coalesce all of his jumbled thoughts into a coherent and tenable argument, so that he can flaunt it as proof in his periodic need to defend himself against the other part of his brain that enjoys incessantly reminding him how certifiably insane he is. Since the products of my insanity are only intended as a cathartic release for my fractured psyche, I have heretofore been content consigning them to the echoes of my mind, but now, for the first time, I present them to the world, in a transparent ploy to make myself more relatable to my adoring public (that's you, devoted reader/prisoner, being lovingly referred to in the third person).

You may notice the significant lack of navigation links on the bottom of these pages. It is rather odd and aesthetically off-putting, no? Well, fret not! For I have half a mind... Oh, yes, there was more to that sentence: I have half a mind one day to expand my website, so that it includes information and samples pertaining to some of my other projects as an aspiring literary genius. Until such time as the aforesaid half of my mind prevails in its argument with the other half, however, they have arrived at a compromise, and I am to be permitted to post these insignificant musings about games instead.

Please, feel obligated to peruse all the fruits of my madness.